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You run your business and don't have time to run a website? Hiring an employee to handle all of your IT issues can be costly to your bottom line. That is where we come in. Let the professionals do all the work to get your company on the web and keep it there. With over 10 years of website management we have the know how to make your web presence as effective as you've made your business.

We've been hosting sites since 1998 as Nazdigital. With over 10 years of experience in the industry we are experienced in low-cost highly-productive service for businesses who don't have time to deal with all the tech-talk and trying to figure it all out. Let our experienced team take on the challenge.

Through the rest of 2010 in celebration of our site launch, we're offering second-half of the year hosting for free. Just mention this offer when signing up and we'll knock half off your first year.

Planning a New Website?

Setting up a new website is easy and pain free. Follow our simple 3 step plan for a great website.

  1. Contact us for a design doc template
  2. Select a site design and gather content
  3. Publish to your webhosting account

A Little About Us

In 1998 NazDigital started hosting websites, and 10 years later we've moved to a fully dynamic web-hosting platform to give you a full-featured service.

Give us a try with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Services Include:
Corporate Emai Hosting
Personal Email Hosting
Site Hosting
Site Management/Maintainance
Consulting and Planning
Branding, Design and Graphics

  • 24/7 Support
  • Fully Featured
  • 99% Uptime

Client Testimonials

Since moving to NazHost our website has been been in masterful hands, we no longer have to wory about it. We can just focus on our business, we let NazHost keep up with changes in the industry.

Junior Donaldson, Powerpack Studios

Latest News - NazHost launches with a new design
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